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12 days of #PianoMusicbyWomen.

The brand new “Women Composers' Anthologies” compiled and edited by Melanie Spanswick coming soon from Schott Music


第1日 : バーバラ・ヘラー(1939~)作曲 「ジョーカー」(初級レベル)

Day 1: Barbara Heller (1939- ) “Joker” (Level: Elementary)

第2日 : マージョリー・ケネディー=フレイサー(1857~1930 )作曲

Day 2: Marjory Kennedy-Fraser (1857-1930) “A Harvest Reel” (Level: Late Elementary)

第3日 : メル・ボニ(1858~1937)作曲 「フレール・ジャック」(中級初期レベル)
Day 3: Mel Bonis (1858-1937) “Frère Jacques” (Level: Early Intermediate). She was a student of Cesar Franck and attended classes at the Paris Conservatoire alongside Debussy.

第4日 : ゲルトルート・オルフ=ウィラート(1914~2000)作曲 「アンダンテ・コン・モート」(初級後期レベル)

Day 4: Gertrud Orff-Willert (1914-2000) “Andante con moto” (Late Elementary).

She was a German music therapist and Carl Orff’s second wife.

第5日 : エリザベッタ・デ・ガンバリーニ(1731~1765)作曲「メヌエット ヘ長調」(初級レベル)
Day 5: Elisabetta de Gambarini (1731-1765) “Minuet” in F major (Elementary)

She was an English composer (Italian father), mezzo-soprano, organist, harpsichordist, pianist, orchestral conductor and painter of the 18th century and was the first female composer in Britain to publish a collection of keyboard music.

第6日 : エルフリーダ・アンドレー(1841~1929)作曲「アレグロ・モデラート」(中級初期レベル)
Day 6: Elfrida Andrée (1841-1929) “Allegro Moderato” (Early Intermediate)

She was a Swedish organist, composer, and conductor. An activist in the Swedish women's movement, she was one of the first female organists to be officially appointed in Scandinavia (Gothenburg Cathedral, 1867). A 1996 recording on the Caprice label features Andrée's piano quintet, along with a piano sonata, the string quartet in d minor, and vocal music.

第7日 : ヘドウィグ・クリスチャン(1859~1944)作曲「ピエロ・ソティエ」(初級後期レベル)

Day 7: Hedwige Chrétien (1859-1944) “Pierrot sautille” (Late Elementary)
She was appointed professor at the Paris Conservatoire in 1889, and her works, 150 in all, consist of pieces for piano, orchestral and chamber works, songs, two ballets and two one-act operas.

第8日 : エリザベト・ジャケ=ド=ラ=ゲール(1665~1729)作曲「メヌエット ヘ長調」(初級後期レベル)


Day 8: Élisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre (1665-1729) “Minuet” in F major (Late Elementary)

At the age of five, Louis XIV took notice of her as a child prodigy when she performed at his palace of Versailles. This eventually led to her becoming a musician in his court, and she wrote most of her works for him. Her first published work was the Premier livre de pièces de clavessin, printed in 1687, which includes unmeasured preludes. It was one of the few collections of harpsichord pieces printed in France in the 17th century, along with those of Chambonnières, Lebègue and d'Anglebert.

第9日 : セシリア・マリア・バルテレモン(1767~1859)作曲「アダージョ」(上級初期レベル)

彼女はイギリスの歌手、作曲家、ピアニスト、そしてオルガニストでした。バルテレモンの音楽は1786年から1795年に出版されました。作曲家としての彼女のデビューは、ピアノフォルテの3つのソナタ、またはヴァイオリンの伴奏付きの2番目のハープシコードでした。 1790年代にジョセフハイドンがイギリスに来たとき、バルテレモン家は彼と友達になりました。彼はバルテレモンに彼の音楽のコピーを渡し、彼女は彼女の作曲のいくつかを彼に捧げました。
Day 9: Cecilia Maria Barthélemon (1767-1859) “Adagio” (Early Advanced)

She was an English singer, composer, pianist, and organist. Barthélemon's music was published from 1786 to 1795. Her debut as a composer was a volume of Three Sonatas for the Piano-Forte, or Harpsichord, the Second with an Accompaniment for Violin. When Joseph Haydn came to England in the 1790s, the Barthélemon family became friends with him. He gave Barthélemon copies of his music and she dedicated some of her compositions to him.

第10日 : イヴァナ・ラウドヴァー(1941~2017)作曲「眠りの森の美女」(初級後期レベル)
チェコの作曲家ラウドヴァ―は、プラハ音楽院と音楽演劇芸術アカデミーで学び、その後パリでオリヴィエ・メシアンとアンドレ・ジョリヴェに師事しました。彼女はオーケストラと室内楽だけでなく、声楽と映画/舞台のための音楽を書いています。 1992年からはプラハの音楽劇芸術アカデミーで作曲を教えてきました。彼女は数々の賞を受賞しました。
Day 10: Ivana Loudová (1941-2017) “The Sleeping Beauty” (Late Elementary)

Czech composer Loudová studied at the Prague Conservatory and the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts and then in Paris under Olivier Messiaen and Andre Jolivet. She has written orchestral and chamber music, as well as music for the voice and film/stage. She obtained an honourable mention in Mannheim for the composition Rhapsody in Black, and won at the Guido d'Arezzo” International Polyphonic Competition in Italy in 1978, 1980 and 1984. In the choral area, she wrote the Vocal Symphony in 1965 and later wrote children's choral works such as the prize-winning Little Christmas Cantata. She has also written music for American Wind Symphony Orchestra and other orchestral works. Since 1992 Ivana Loudová has taught composition on the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts in Prague. For her work Ivana Loudová received the award Heidelberger Kunstpreis 1993, the award of the Ministry of culture for a contribution to the music world for the year 2015 and the award of the Protective Association 2017.

第11日 : エリザベス・ターナー(1700~1756)作曲「ギガ」(中級レベル)


Day 11: Elizabeth Turner (1700-1756) “Giga” (Intermediate)

Little is known about this English composer and singer. Her songs were quite popular in the first half of the 18th century, and critics revered her as a first-rate soprano. She was also one of the first known Englishwomen to publish a substantial collection of musical works. More than 400 names appear on the subscription list for her 1750 volume, and 350 for her 1756 collection. Subscribers included musicians such as G.F. Handel, William Boyce, and John Stanley as well as numerous elite patrons. Several of her songs were popular enough to warrant publication in London Magazine and The Lady’s Magazine, the latter of which dubbed her “the ingenious Miss Eliza Turner.”

第12日 ジュリア・ヒュルスマン(1968~)作曲「ジャズ・ピース」(上級初期レベル)
ドイツのジャズピアニスト兼作曲家。彼女の作曲はしばしば文学作品、特に詩に基づいています。 彼女はピアノ教師として訓練を受け、1991年にベルリン芸術大学でジャズピアノの学位を取得しました。彼女の教師には、ウォルター・ノリス、高瀬亜希、デビッド・フリードマンが含まれます。特に、彼女は米国のピアニストで作曲家のドン・グロルニックに触発され、影響を受けました。 1992年、ヒュルスマンは連邦青年ジャズオーケストラに加わり、その後ペーター・ハーボルツ=ハイマーが指揮しました。 1996年に卒業後、ベーシストのマーク・ミュルバウアーとドラマーのライナー・ウィンチと共に、ジュリア・ヒュルスマン・トリオを設立しました。このトリオは、当初は主にジャズの標準的なレパートリーから借りた音楽を、さまざまなフェスティバルや小規模なツアーで演奏しました。 2000年初頭、ヒュルスマンはニューヨークでリッチー・バイラーク、マリア・シュナイダー、ギル・ゴールドスタイン、ジェーン・アイラ・ブルームと一緒に勉強しながらレッスンを受けました。 2001年以来、彼女はベルリン芸術大学で教鞭をとり、ハノーバーのハノーバー音楽演劇で作曲ワークショップを開催しています。

Julia Hülsmann (1968- ) “Jazz Piece” (Early Advanced)

German jazz pianist and composer. Her compositions are often based on literary works, especially poetry.

She was trained as a piano teacher and earned a degree in jazz piano at the Berlin University of the Arts in 1991. Her teachers include Walter Norris, Aki Takase and David Friedman. In particular, she was inspired and influenced by US pianist and composer Don Grolnick. In 1992, Hülsmann joined the Federal Youth Jazz Orchestra, then directed by Peter Herbolzheimer. After graduating in 1996, together with bassist Marc Muellbauer and drummer Rainer Winch she founded the Julia Hülsmann Trio. The trio played music, initially borrowed mainly from the standard repertoire of jazz, at various festivals and smaller tours. In early 2000, Hülsmann took lessons while studying in New York with Richie Beirach, Maria Schneider, Gil Goldstein and Jane Ira Bloom.

Since 2001 she teaches at the Berlin University of the Arts and holds composition workshops at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Hannover.