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10 March 2016  Lunchtime Concert with Victoria Baek, violin at Oxford University 


11 March 2016  Performance with Taro Hakase, violin at the 5th Anniversary of the Tsunami and Earthquake at the Japanese Embassy, London


21 May 2016    Charity Concert with Hideki Uemura, violin (St Lukes, Chelsea)


25 June 2016   Concert at Kimbolton Castle


17-24 July 2016  Faculty member at Piano Week (Moreton Hall, Shropshire) 


18 July 2016 Lecture Recital "Influences on Chopin"


19 July 2016 Duo Recital with Niel du Preez, piano


22 July 2016 Solo Recital


5 Oct 2016   Workshop and Concert with the London Myriad Ensemble at Whitgift School, Croydon


11-15 Oct 2016   Concerts in Scotland

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